Ellipsis Bakery | Space Design + Graphics

Ellipsis Bakery // Space Design + Graphics

I worked on this project as a part of my internship at Design Concentrate, Mumbai.

Ellipsis is located in a heritage building in Mumbai’s posh Colaba area. Restaurateur Rohan Talwar opened the award-winning Ellipsis in 2012, introducing Bombay to seasonal New American food and craft cocktails. Ellipsis' unique concept has become a mainstay for Bombay's local and visiting culinary enthusiasts. Ellipsis Bakery is it's latest offshoot, located in Worli. Inspired by artisanal American bakeries, the Ellipsis bakery is cherished as the first of its kind in Bombay and is known for its innovative take on classic baked items.

Design Concentrate was given the job of designing and curating 5 main spaces, both interior and exterior to the bakery. This included a multidisciplinary mixture of graphic design, interior design and object sourcing.


SPace 1 : Main wall + Furniture

*Note: the following images show a digital render of each of the spaces, followed by an on site photograph.

Digital Mockup

Digital Mockup

On-Site Photograph

On-Site Photograph


Space 2 : Display Shelves


Space 3 : Partition wall & cold storage


Space 4 : signage


Space 5 : display windows