Food by Devika


Food by devika // menu design

Food is such a fun subject to work on, even with the severe side effects of drooling and hunger. My LCB graduate friend Devika Manjrekar is a chef, and wanted a menu designed for her made to order desserts. I jumped at the offer. “Pay me in brownies”, I said. It was totally worth it. 

Food by Devika’s menu is bright, fresh and no-fuss, just like her food, with a whiff of an old world charm that inexplicably makes one long for teatime, complete with scones.


Handdrawn calligraphic type makes up the logo. Its boldness is suffused by grunge texture perforations, and bright candy colours and subtle grey pinstripes reintroduce softness.

Devika's food is all about bringing the old together with the new. The contrast of bold type and soft visual elements is used to highlight how she is bringing faded memories of food that we love into vivid focus.