MAMI mumbai film festival // graduation project

Over the past 17 years of its existence, the prestigious MAMI Mumbai Film Festival has had an undefined identity system. 

But in its 18th year, with the festival larger than ever, they felt the need to really establish themselves and what they stood for. MAMI wanted to make itself synonymous as the 'Indian film festival', with its epicentre being Mumbai. It wanted to be inclusive, relatable, younger and more approachable. It needed an identity that could be flexible enough to work across platforms.

Please See created a responsive brand language that could be adapted by anyone and can mean a lot of different things; which was necessary for a film festival that isn’t just about watching films. Yet, the core of MAMI and cinema, is entertainment. The new face of MAMI - inspired by the fishing roots of Mumbai, and the metaphor of fishing for talent -was fun and playful, young and dynamic. 

I was lucky to have the opportunity to work on this vast and immersive project as my final year graduation project and extend the brand language onto collaterals for the entire festival.


Below is a concise version of my graduation document which details the entire process and the deliverables:


My project spanned 5 months, and included design of promotional activities, on-ground collaterals, merchandise for attendees and delegates, 13 sub-events and 7 days of the festival itself. The main features of this design effort can be broken up into the following.

grad panel_MAMI-04.png

Visual strategy

A clear strategy had to be laid down as it was the first year of the new identity system, and this led to a lot of design experimentation. 

The elements of film had to be combined with the oceanic elements of Mumbai, while heroing the MAMI fish symbol in an effort to make it iconic enough to symbolise the festival by itself.


The festival is a complex web of events spread across the city, with events and screenings all happening simultaneously. 

This meant that a lot of information had to be presented to people in multiple formats. The design team worked hard to find innovative ways to present this information in clear, legible ways while still tying in with the brand language.

grad panel_MAMI-05.png

grad panel_MAMI-09.png


This was the first year the festival had ever undertaken a concentrated branding effort. Our role was to recommend new ideas for existing elements as well as suggest new elements altogether.

The design team constantly brainstormed on new ideas to enhance the brand. We also incorporated many new items such as a new kind of signage, many merchandise items, installations etc.

grad panel_MAMI-08.png


A festival of this nature requires the production of hundreds of different items, in large quantities. We worked on finding ways to keep these as cost efficient as possible by understanding the unique requirements of each process.

The processes included printing on paper, flex, and fabric for use in magazines, invites, hoardings, badges, t-shirts, standees etc. Social media designs were also made. The trophy was redesigned and manufactured from scratch.


Design: Sneha Mehta, Khushboo Gandhi
Production Artist: Ravi Pednekar
Account Manager: Jeet Basu
Copywriter: Grusha Dhawan