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Seekh is the workshops committee of MIT Institute of Design, Pune. It was founded by me and five others in 2013 to fill a void in the college’s co-curricular landscape: a void of knowledge fueled creativity. Seekh is a one of its kind venture in this Institution, and is an independently run student body. This project is a patchwork of what we do, and the campaigns designed for various events.

Naming this unique venture was a mighty task: the name had to be perfect. So we asked ourselves, what is our core value?

Seekh is a Hindi word that means 'Lesson' or 'Learn'.


What We Do

Seekh is a first of its kind venture in our college. Our goal is to give the community to include and embrace knowledge and experiences within and beyond their education. We do this by bringing in talented and inspirational folks from all over the country, to inspire our young designers.





February 2015


October 2015

A campaign designed to promote Seekh’s annual activities month, taking place in October 2015. Our overarching theme was to celebrate the people who ‘do’. We invited experts +alumni who took the road less travelled.

Teaser Installation

This interactive promotion for Seekh's Ride the Wave month was a part of my course on Interaction Design. It invites the users to pull off one of the multicolored layers of paper spread over the board. Each block has different colored papers underneath it, and each paper has information about the Seekh month. The result is that as each layer is lifted piece by piece, the entire pixel grid constantly changes it color scheme, making sure the board is an ever changing landscape.

Launch of Schedule & Mechandise COmpetition

Seekh 4a.jpg

Terribly Tiny tales: workshop and social media coverage

Juxtapose : identity, publicity & event collaterals

SeekhSpeak : launch posters and speaker profiles

Seekh's presence on instagram : follow us here to get on board our journey!


We are grateful that our work was written about in a few publications.

Thank you!
Seekh has a lot of large, and some unrealistic plans for the future. We hope to keep giving knowledge a platform, for many more years. Some of the work seen here were done by/in collaboration with Shivanee Harshey, Shruti Bajaj, Dhruv Srivastava, Anupama Rao and Manav Dhiman. You guys made this happen!
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